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M. Deepti Stephens

I come from a very small town in India – Chittoor and I live with my hubby (Andy). My mom’s house is just 30 feet away from ours. Lucky me!

I am a very passionate card maker, blogger and YouTuber. I love to try and experiment with new products and techniques and I love to make cards in different styles. I am very energetic and enthusiastic only when it comes to Paper Crafting. LOL! Just kidding! My daily routine would be finishing all my household chores in time and escaping to my work station.

Colors I love to play with: I love all the colors Favorite snack(s) while crafting : I usually don’t munch while crafting as I’m very much afraid of ruining my projects because of my oily fingers!!!

I love: Hot Coffee, Chicken, Fish, fresh fruit juices, doodling, spending time with my family members, my Sunday school children, kurtis, sending snail mails, shopping crafty stuff and sleeping

My Style: My cards scream Clean and Simple with a touch of trendy, modern
and a kind of whimsical look.


Indira Tanwar

I am a SAHM of a 3-year-old brat and wife to a loving and supportive husband. We currently reside in Manila, Philippines. I am an MBA by profession and worked in an IT MNC in Mumbai before taking a sabbatical from work.
I am passionate about all forms of arts and crafts and am always eager to learn and try out new art forms. I love making handmade cards. I started blogging in 2007 as a hobby, to document anything and everything I made, from crafts to food, etc. It then became more than just a hobby because of growing appreciation from my friends, followers and fellow bloggers. I started selling my creations by word of mouth and also participated in quite a few craft exhibitions.
Though I have not been very regular with crafting and blogging after my son’s birth, Mudra gave me an opportunity and platform to remain in touch with my crafting skills.

Colors I love to play with: Yellow, Pink, Green, Teal/Blue, Gold

Favorite snack(s) while crafting : Sipping on a Smoothie or Tea/Coffee

I love: Listening to music!! Even while crafting I put on the Radio and do my work.

My Style: Special Fold Cards. Floral Cards, Explosion Boxes.


Linda Langes

I have been married for 25 years and my husband and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We have a 23-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter. I am a Teacher Librarian by day, in a large Primary School and a Card Maker by night. If only I didn’t need to sleep! I have been papercrafting for 20 years and have switched back and forth between Scrapbooking and Card Making. These days it’s all about the cards and I can’t get enough of stamps and anyway of colouring them I can find – watercolours, inks, pencils, Copic Markers, Tombows etc.

Colors I love to play with: Turquoise, pink, gold

Favorite snack(s) while crafting : I love a good cup of Chai tea and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate.

I love: The beach; travel; reading; walking in the bush or along the beach; eating out for lunch or dinner; catching up with friends and family and having quiet time in my craft room.

My Style: L-CAS – Layered, Clean and Simple. I’m certainly not a one layer card person and rarely if ever make them but I do love clean cards, with clean layers.


Manu Gupta

I’m Manu, a software professional turned Craftpenter having interest in varied kinds of art and crafts and am someone who enjoys making handmade things.
I have a Masters in Computer Applications and before venturing into paper crafting, had been working with IBM for 5 years. I have always loved ‘Handmade’ and would always prefer gifting a handmade token of love to my friends and family. Post marriage, I ventured intothe craftingworld accidentally while going through a card that had been posted by one of my friends. A bit curious, I askedand got to knowthat it was done with quilling… thus started my search on the internet andI bumped and bumped into loadsof information and that’s when I decided to take this hobby of mine forward. It has been around 3+ years now that I’m a crafter and I love, love, love making baby albums. I strongly believe that lifegives you something to learn each and every day and this is practically what I do. I learn, learn and learn with each passing day.
I find crafting extremely satisfying and relaxing and it justbrings outa smile when someone ishappy because of my work!!!
I’m blessedto have a loving and supportive husband by my side alongwith the love of our lives, our little baby!!!

Colors I love to play with: Bright and cheerful colors are my go to… always!!! I love all things bright and sparkly!

Favorite snack(s) while crafting : Tea

I love: Perfection, I don’t give up on something –if I do not like something I will work on it and work on it until it is perfect. I also love good music. It makes everything brighter!!!

My Style: I kind of like a mixed style and itisreally verydifficultto stickon to one style of making things, but yes there is one element, which is the main focus,COLORS. I love making varied kinds ofhandmade creations such as explosion boxes, scrapbookalbums, CAS cards, layered cards. I like tokeep things simple and sober, yet they need to have that colorful bang of colors which makes one go“wow” in that veryfirst look!!



I live in Indiana – USA with my husband and two and half year old daughter. I have always been interested in crafting, however it was only a few years back that I discovered my true passion in card making and since then I am following it with my heart and soul. It is always so wonderful to create something magical and beautiful on a smaller canvas. I love this beautiful crafting community mostly because it connects me to all the wonderful and talented people around the world. It is always so wonderful to get inspired and make others inspired through your work

Colors I love to play with: There isn’t one particular color that I like the most. Any bright and bold colors make me happy. I love seeing my projects with vibrant colors!! Favorite snack(s) while crafting : I love drinking coffee when I am crafting but sometimes I also like to munch some cheese crackers or chips.

I love: I am fond of reading books and playing games on PlayStation . I am also an amateur photographer.

My Style: Over the last few months, I am learning and honing my skills in scrapbooking and mixed media. Although, creating colorful and cute doodle image projects is my forte, I am very involved in CAS projects too. I am fascinated by how you can be versatile using one stamp in different way. You would find from my creations that I pursue new techniques and like to diversify my styles of card making!! Experimenting is the mother of all inventions after all Again, I also love illustrating in my spare time and have made a few cards using my own images..


Ekaterina Oleynik

I live in the Ukraine and am mother to two boys. For as long as I can remember, I have always made or drawn something. I have been keen on scrapbooking for 9 years. I don’t go a day without using myfavourite stamps and inks. Of course I use different techniques for the creation of my works. I love to use water color paints and markers. Inspiration can visit me wherever and whenever – most commonly at midnight!Then the choice rises to go to sleep or give in to inspiration and create till the morning. Most often the choice will be “to work”. My family has got used to it over many years – the sound of the cutting torch or tool for embossing in the middle of the night awakens nobody these days. Creativity for me is air. I do not like to be without it. I once had a break for a month and after that I created non-stop for several days, only stopping to eat or sleep.

Colors I love to play with: I love all the colors

Favorite snack(s) while crafting : Cookies with a chocolate crumb

I love: Tasty food. With my husband I like to visit different restaurants where it is possible to try something new and hopefully tasty. If we don’t try – we don’t learn.

My Style: For the last 5 years I have created cards and albums in a Clean and Simple style.


Sathya Sankaran

I am SathyaKala, Toxicologist by Qualification and Passionate Papercraft Enthusiast. I am from Chennai, currently residing at UAE. Married to a wonderful friend and we are blessed with an 8 year son.

I have a pulsating desire to do my Doctoral program in Toxicology and meanwhile I am enjoying this hobby turned obsession of ArtsyCrafty Life.

I am inclined towards art forms from my childhood. When I stumbled upon a Food-Art blog in 2011, I discovered my passion for Quilling, which led to where I am today.

I dabble with different art forms – Quilling, Cardmaking, Mixed media and Altered Art. I find that one passion crosses over into the next, giving a different spin to it.

Colors I love to play with: Turquoise, Peachy-pink, teal.

Favorite snacks while crafting: I don’t snack when crafting. Music is food for my soul at this time J

I love: I absolutely love my recent crushes: Water Coloring and Calligraphy. This keeps things fresh and my mind inventive.

My Style: I love pastel shades and my projects are mostly inclined towards Shabby Chic, and mostly Layered. I am more interested in creating textures using various art mediums and pigments.


Nandini Karmarkar

I am married and mother to two wonderful kids aged 12 and 5. I have my own network marketing business and divide my time between family, work and crafting.

I come from a family of crafters. I learnt sewing, embroidery, crochet etc as a child from my mother and grandmother. I qualified as a Textile designer and ended up working as a Costume Designer for films and ad films. I quit full time work when my daughter was born. My journey in paper crafts and card making started when I did my Arts and Craft teacher course where I learnt quilling. I was completely hooked to card making when I discovered Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire and the fascinating world of stamping and die cutting!

Colors I love to play with: I love bright colors and tend to go through phases where I will reach for particular color combos. I love using kraft card bases.

Favorite snack(s) while crafting: I love a large mug of filter coffee made in the true South Indian style while crafting!

I love: I am a total technique junkie. I love trying new things and also giving my own twist to old ones. Other than playing with my craft supplies, I love reading. It is a passion that I share with my daughter. We are both huge fans of J.K. Rowling and Rick Reardon. I have practically all the books by these authors. I also love movies and music.

My Style: My style is very Clean and Simple. I like designs that are uncluttered.


Ria Banerjee

Hello everyone. I am Ria from Kolkata, India- the city of joy! I am a Teacher by profession and am also studying to add another degree to my CV. Crafting is a choice for me. I discovered crafting two years ago and stamping about a year ago. From then, I didn’t look back. My style of crafting is much more Clean and Simple and inclined to florals but I love to try new things. I run a startup named Criar, which has been featured in daily esteems. When I do not feel like crafting sometimes, I read novels especially fiction as I love to imagine things and delve myself into the stories. I play video games a lot, A LOT. More recently, I have found an interest in coloring books.

Colors I love to play with: Blue…different hues of blue, orange and pink.

Favorite snack(s) while crafting: I don’t eat when I’m crafting J

I love: I love surfing Instagram and Facebook in my free time especially during my commuting time and I go through every crafters’ work. You people inspire me everyday. I love teaching small kids – teaching them not only theories but also crafting. I love to eat – Yes I am a big foodie. And I love crafting along with all these 🙂

My style: CAS, Layers, 3D.


Piyanki Biswas

Hello, My name is Piyanki Biswas and I live in New Delhi, India with my husband and sister. I am an Electronics Graduate. Work, travel and crafting takes a major space in my life. I have been crafting forever however the style has evolved over the years. To be candid my style has always been inclined to floral designs, bouquet, swirls and layers. I love making cards, home décor pieces and wall art. An ardent traveler, photographer by hobby and passionate crafter is how my life spins today. Apart from designing for various manufacturers, my work has been featured in Home Décor Blogs and has also contributed to designing Stamps for one of the Indian Stamp Manufacturers. Flower making has been an integral part of my crafting hobby and also finds a place in all my projects.

Colors I love to play with: Yellow, amber, orange.

Favorite snack(s) while crafting: Coffee

My Style: Layers, CAS.


Yulianna Neginskaya

I live in Moscow, Russia and I’m 40 years old. I am happily married, raising a 15-year-old son and a black bully-pug. I have a BA degree in landscape design but recently quit my job and now work only designing my own garden. I love to grow our family garden, and am madly in love with сardmaking.

Colors I love to play with: Blue, mint, green, gold, yellow, pink.

Favorite snack(s) while crafting: Cereals, coffee…and music.

I love: My garden, travels,

My Style: Clean and simple, romantic, universal.


Zalak Mandal

I am wife to an Aircraft Engineer and mother to a beautiful daughter. I started my craft journey in 2013. Initially I was doing quilling and making quilled cards for friends and relatives as a hobby. Then I watched videos of different craft material, products, techniques used to make different styles of cards, and started making cards with minimal supplies. I participated on different Indian challenge blogs and received so much encouragement and appreciation that I thought of converting my hobby into a part-time business. Now I love to work with this passion all the time.

Colors I love to play with: Red, Pink, Green, Violet, Black, White, Silver, Gold

Favorite snack(s) while crafting: A mug of Coffee/Tea and cookies

I love: Crafting, Photography, Spending quality time with family

My Style: Distressing, Heat Embossing, Stamping, Scrapbooking.

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