About our products

About our products

If you’re just getting started with clear stamps, you will need:
Stamps, of course!
Acrylic blocks
• Inkpads
• Cardstock / Quality Paper Board
• Baby Wipes or Stamp Shammy to clean

Simply stick your stamp to an acrylic block, dab the stamp onto the inkpad, and then impress the stamp onto paper/cardstock. We will post a video soon!


Our stamps are made in the INDIA from the Quality photopolymer available. We did extensive research to find the best product out there, and it shows! These stamps carry ink like a dream.  You’re going to love them!

There are many companies carrying stamps that are made of silicone or vinyl. These materials weren’t designed to carry ink, and therefore the ink beads up. Photopolymer have a microscopically porous surface which gives superior ink transfer with all types of ink!

 •Stamps may have some manufacturing residue left, so we would recommend you to do a mild soap wash and dry it before first use. Same can be done when stamps lose stickiness.

• Use alcohol-free babywipes,  Stamp Shammy or Stamp cleaner to clean your stamps.
• Return your stamps back to the acetate sheet after use and store away from direct sunlight.

Yes. We will have more coordinating dies for our current and new design release stamps

Yes! Our paper is acid-free and lignin-free and completely scrapbook friendly.